Integrated Water Management

Integrated Water Management

In-Site Water.

In-Site water is an online Integrated Water Management toolkit developed by Organica Engineering. It helps you design:

  • Rainwater tanks including optimising: size; roof area connected; and which end uses are best
  • Raingardens and other WSUD treatments
  • Stormwater treatment options and sizing (providing a STORM  score)
  • Water efficiency and water end uses
  • Alternative water sources
  • Water retention, infiltration and
  • Water detention

One tool. One portal. Best practice assured. Design and reporting built in.

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If you’ve ever struggled to pull together an integrated water management application for Council or other Responsible Authority, you’ll know the reality of co-ordinating a team of professionals who just don’t want to budge on their idea of what needs to be in the report – and who also remain stubbornly blind to what they don’t want to put in.

It can feel like everyone you speak to on your application team has a different must-have item to go in the report.

The In-Site Water tool guides design decisions for ESD, civil engineering, and landscape architectural features relating to Integrated Water Management.

With In-Site Water, you use one portal.

One simple, clear, fast user interface that guides you through every part of the IWM (Integrated Water Management) design and compiles it all into a printable report at the end.

Who made In-Site Water, anyway?

In-Site Water is the brainchild of Ian Adams, Director of Organica Engineering P/L, one of Australia’s foremost Environmental Engineering consultancies.

Ian says:

“We saw firsthand how frustrating it is for both Councils and applicants to sift through industry standards for IWM and try to pick out what design applications suit a site best. We dreamed of a tool that could make IWM easier for everyone AND deliver best practice-compliant applications.

We really wanted a win/win/win solution that worked for applicants, Councils and the environment.

And I think We’ve done it!  In-Site Water is the result of a year’s worth of research and development. We’ve mined the brain-banks of industry leaders, civil and environmental engineers, international web framework specialists, and coder friends. We’ve tested the tool, and have plans to make it better still.”  

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