Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design has transformed the building industry in recent years.  Most major building projects now integrate sustainability into their designs, reducing energy and water use, improving environmental outcomes and creating a better indoor environment for occupants.

We have helped implement best practice sustainable design in projects and organisations around Australia  – overcoming barriers and implementing world leading sustainable designs.

Ian Adams is a Sustainability Engineer and a recognised industry leader with extensive experience in delivering sustainable buildings.  He is a certified assessor and trainer for the Green Building Council of Australia, regularly lectures at RMIT and Melbourne Universities on sustainable design and has worked with many local governments and other organisations to improve sustainability in their capital works, planning and facilities management departments.

Many projects and organisations wish to deliver greener buildings in order to demonstrate leadership in their communities, but find they have three main problems:

»  Budgeting for sustainability is not well understood, leading to problems when the project manager tries to deliver the project.

»  The communication around sustainability targets is inadequate, leaving the project manager, architect or builder out of the picture, which in turn leads to the delivery of inadequately performing buildings.

»  The project has no adequate toolkits to track and manage the challenging process of planning, designing and delivering a green building.

We help address the above issues, presenting practical ways that other organisations have successfully delivered sustainable outcomes for their buildings.