Green Star

Organica Engineering is a leading niche Green Star advisory company.  We specialise in helping other organisations improve the quality of their Green Star submissions.

We do this by:

  • Providing practical support in compiling and quality checking submissions;
  • Providing Green Star training and facilitating design charettes;
  • Coaching design teams;
  • Reviewing designs for Green Star compliance;
  • Helping builders meet Green Star As-built requirements; and
  • By peer reviewing submissions to improve assessment scores.

We have extensive experience in Green Star Assessments and all aspects of Sustainability in buildings.  Ian Adams has reviewed over 100 Green Star submissions on behalf of the GBCA, is a member of the GBCA faculty (to teach Green Star), and has assisted many projects around Australia to gain certification.

We have developed our own Green Star submission management systems that believe we can make Green Star Certification more affordable and practical, helping create a more sustainable future for the Australian property industry.

We can assist your project to develop and manage its Green Star approach and successfully navigate Green Star certification.

Organica Engineering has worked extensively with construction companies and all levels of government in tackling green building design and Green Star certification.

Relevant recent experience with Sustainability in commercial building design and sustainability strategy development includes:

  • Assisting AECOM with 5 Green Star office V3 project submissions;
  • Assisting the GBCA in technical development of Green Star tools and calculators. In particular we helped develop the MURT water calculator and assisted the GBCA to mentor and review the submission one of the first MURT pilot projects – the 5 Green Star Housing NSW Housing Redfern estate;
  • Assessing over 100 Green Star submissions as a GBCA Certified Assessor, providing an in-depth understanding of current best practice sustainability in commercial buildings in Australia;
  • Regularly facilitating the Green Star Accredited Professional and Green Star Submissions Workshops on behalf of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA);
  • Assisting Australand C&I with their green star submission and to successfully deliver the Schenker Green Star interiors project at Tullamarine and the Key Spec Industrial Development;
  • Independent peer review and submission advice of many Green Star submissions, such as the 6 Star, 200 Victoria Street building in Melbourne;
  • Many other Green Star submission projects (CV and details on request).