Sustainable Development in Government

There is a clear role for local governments to ensure that policies and environmental sustainability initiatives are coordinated, well focused, and effective in delivering built environment outcomes.

Most local government authorities have clear environmental goals and policies. Buildings that are built or occupied by Councils are one of the largest areas of environmental impact, so there is a clear driver to deliver greener more sustainable buildings.

The challenge lies in the planning, design and delivery of green buildings against a background of limited budgets, high expectations, and competing stakeholder interests.

A large building project may form a critical part of a broader organisational strategy to reduce environmental impacts. It is important to recognise that the capital projects will be reflecting current local and state government environmental policy and national and international best practices.  In this context any new building or refurbishment project should clearly reflect organisational environmental policies and aspirations.

Free Download: The 7 STEPS to integrating sustainability into Councils.

120703 Local Government CAPEX guide

Organica Engineering has put together a guide as a starting point for councils wishing to deliver greener building Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) projects.

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