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International Energy Agency declares the end of cheap oil

International Energy Agency declares the end of cheap oil (Peak Oil) This video speaks for itself. We can help you start preparing your organisation and projects now, even though public discourse on this topic in Australia is virtually nonexistant. Dr Fatih Birol is the Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency. He oversees the annual World […]

Scientists find proof of methane hydrate induced abrupt climate change

Methane concentrations in the Arctic are higher than elsewhere in the world, as shown on the NASA image above. In a little reported scientific discovery, American scientists from the the University of Alaska Fairbanks – International Arctic Research Center have discovered large amounts of dissolving methane hydrates East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS). The following is an abstract of a presentation […]

Can we dare hope again for cold fusion?

Nobody is holding their breath, but… An Italian inventor named Andrea Rossi and the scientific consultant physicist Sergio Forcardi, have demonstrated a device called the E-Cat or Energy Catalyser, which they can claim to be “a method of apparatus carrying out nickel hydrogen exothermic reactions” with the production of copper(!) as a result. The device feeds water interaction […]