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Simple Cogeneration electricity greenhouse factor calculator

The NABERS Team at the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage recently called for submissions on how cogeneration and trigeneration systems are dealt with in the NABERS Energy rating It is our view at Organica that it is straight forward to calculate emissions factors for off-site cogeneration plants.  It would also be simple for the […]

Glossary – toolkits for Council capital works procurement

Glossary for programs and toolkits for capital works procurement: Council ESD Toolkit A comprehensive Council ESD toolkit has been developed to assist the project stakeholders, project manager and design team in considering green building requirements. The ESD toolkit is based on existing Council Checklists and includes a simple Life Cycle Costing tool. Contact Us for […]

Australia Follows International Energy Association Reccomendations

Australia is cutting subsidies to fossil fuels and pricing environmental externalities to remove barriers to the transition to a renewable economy.  The 2012 budget allows for the removal of the diesel fuel rebate for miners, a $2billion dollar fossil fuel subsidy.  This rebate is the sort of bad public policy that International Energy Association (IEA) […]

International Energy Agency declares the end of cheap oil

International Energy Agency declares the end of cheap oil (Peak Oil) This video speaks for itself. We can help you start preparing your organisation and projects now, even though public discourse on this topic in Australia is virtually nonexistant. Dr Fatih Birol is the Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency. He oversees the annual World […]

Welcome to Organica Engineering

Sustainability pressures in the business world are no longer something that can be put off to be dealt with in the future.  Organisations are acting now and reaping the benefits of improved efficiencies, reduced costs, and better staff and stakeholder relations. At Organica Engineering we assist businesses and organisations to create competitive advantage by enhancing […]

Scientists find proof of methane hydrate induced abrupt climate change

Methane concentrations in the Arctic are higher than elsewhere in the world, as shown on the NASA image above. In a little reported scientific discovery, American scientists from the the University of Alaska Fairbanks – International Arctic Research Center have discovered large amounts of dissolving methane hydrates East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS). The following is an abstract of a presentation […]

Calculating Solar Costs and Paybacks

Often Government Rebates seem to be designed to be deliberately confusing. The current solar rebate schemes and ‘Feed in tariff’ are good examples of rebate systems that make it very hard for solar system retailers to answer the simple questions: How much is this going to cost? What savings will I get? Because of the […]

Lets get going for 2012

From all of us at Organica Engineering Pty/Ltd, Happy New Year! We thank you for working with us throughout 2011, and look forward to new ventures and projects in the year to come, in our continued mission to create a sustainable future. …and for all those with just a little time to spare for amusement… […]