Organica Engineering

Organica Engineering is a leading environmental technical consultancy and training company based in Melbourne, Australia.  We help organisations manage their eco-footprint, and to embrace 21st century technologies and business practices.  We provide:

Green Star certification assistance and review
Government policy and toolkit development
Sustainable Design for buildings and infrastructure
Green Buildings certifications such as Building Code Section J energy compliance reporting
Environmental Management and Audits – energy, water, waste and ISO 14001

GBCA Member

We help organisations do the challenging things that are important.

We work with many large organisations and government agencies, helping them to meet their 21st Century clean future obligations. Our emphasis is on looking forward, to new technologies, innovative solutions and regenerative approaches to the problems facing organisations and the environment. This is why we win repeat business from many of Australia’s leading organisations.

Why Choose Us

Sustainability issues provide huge challenges, but they also provide great opportunities for people and organisations willing to become leaders and transform their approaches.  We assist in identifying and implementing positive and profitable steps for sustainability.

Proactive sustainability management has many benefits:

  • Reduced environmental footprint;
  • Reduced operating costs and utility bills;
  • Development of improved products and services;
  • Better regulatory compliance with rapidly changing environmental laws;
  • Better stakeholder, customer and financier relations;
  • Improved reputation, market share and branding;
  • Better ability to attract and retain talent to an organisation or project; and
  • Reduced carbon and other liabilities.

Our Aim is to deliver exceptional value, exceeding expectations for the project delivery and project outcomes.

At Organica Engineering, we can assemble a team that is right for your project. Our staff and associates can pull together to deliver the range of experience and technical ability to deliver the requirements of the most demanding projects.


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